Vision Statement

The Royal Cachet Montessori School vision is to establish and maintain accessible, quality Montessori education for all the children of our community. The school will encourage and assist children to reach their full potential and to play a responsible role in protecting the global environment as well as fostering peace and harmony.


The Royal Cachet Montessori School will endeavor to provide quality education in a safe, nurturing and creative environment that helps the development of the whole child. The mission ensures that the child is academically motivated, artistically creative, physically active and emotionally supported.

Montessori education has been established internationally as one of the most effective methods to help children "learn how to learn”. The structured education curriculum is based on activities through which the child learns by manipulating specialized learning materials and applying methodology.

“Our aim is not merely to make children understand, and less to force them to memorize, but so to touch their imaginations as to enthuse them to their innermost core”

Maria Montessori.