Director's Message

Many years ago, when I was a young child, I was enrolled in a Montessori program for my pre-school and elementary grades. I still remember the excitement and learning enjoyment when using the large variety of specialized Montessori materials.

More recently, I revisited the Montessori school system when I enrolled my daughter in the CASA program. She has enjoyed her pre-school and elementary classes immensely. I also enjoyed many experiences gained as a parent volunteer throughout those years.

These Montessori related experiences and my love for children culminated into my passion for Montessori education and I took the Montessori course to fulfill my dream of teaching children. Recently, I decided to direct the Royal Cachet Montessori School to provide the best possible education in our community.

Dr. Maria Montessori was certainly a visionary ahead of her time. Educational research today is reinforcing the importance of movement and learning. Schools are recognizing the value of holistic approaches to education including experiential learning, self-directed learning and the learner-centered approach – the educational method and principles Dr. Montessori developed.

My goal is to share Dr. Montessori’s vision and to ensure that the Royal Cachet Montessori School offers excellence in education in a safe, clean, bright and stimulating environment conducive to children’s motivation and intellectual growth.

As a parent, you can be totally confident when choosing Royal Cachet Montessori School. I will do my utmost to offer the best learning environment for your child for the development of his/her motivation, creativity, problem-solving skills and self-confidence.

Sincerely and Best Regards,

Kathy Bobotsis,
Director, Royal Cachet Montessori School